Musical Melodies Poster3.png

Thank you for volunteering to sing along with two numbers in Musical Melodies 3.  The first number will be Bui Doi followed by This is the hour.  These 2 numbers close the 1st half of the show and are at the end of a couple of other Miss Saigon numbers.  Please move to the steps in the two isles and spread yourself down in the middle of the "Bui Doi" song.

Below are three things:

1. Click the YouTube pic below to take you to a play list of learning track videos

2. This is the Hour - sheet music to download

3. Bui Doi - sheet music to download.

(PS. We are not doing the opening chorus of Bui Doi - just from when the soloist starts singing)

(PPS.  We are starting This is the hour after a long timp roll - you will need to forward the you tube clip to about 5 minutes to hear the chorus