Forester & Flower,  172 Bradford Road, Bath BA2 5BZ

Alternate Mondays of every month (check Calendar for details) - 7pm for 7:15 start.  Singing finishes at 9:15 (but the pub stays open!) - but do check the home page of the website

​£5 per person - (about the price of a cappuccino and a cake!)

We will be singing 2 and 3 part popular songs from the charts/musical theatre (4 parts if we get enough people!).  The chance of finding a song that everyone loves is very slim, however, Matt will take requests for future weeks.  We hope to learn at least 2-3 songs every night.

Interested? - Contact Matt by clicking on the "Contact" tab - and let him know you might be coming!


Outisde and inside of the Forester & Flower - the new home of My Pub Choir