Beginners Music Theory for Singers

with Matt Finch on 'Zoom'

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Have you ever been in a singing lesson or choir and felt frustrated that you don't really understand the dots, dashes, and squiggles on the music?  Has your teacher or choir director given you instructions and you think they are talking in another language? Have you tried to rehearse and practice at home but don't quite no where to start? 

Matt Finch has been running choirs and teaching singing, piano and music theory  for over 20 years and understands how these scenarios can make the joy of singing seem like too much effort.  Matt suggests that if you Invest a little bit of time and energy into understanding the basics of the music theory - you will find rehearsing and practising so much easier.  This 5 week course will assume that you don't really know any music theory.  Please read the details below to see what you would be learning.

START DATE: Tuesday 2nd June from 10am to 12noon

LENGTH: 2 hours weekly - for 5 weeks


COST: £10 per session (The full cost of the course £50 will need to be paid before the first session to secure your place)


EQUIPMENT: An internet enabled computer/phone/tablet with camera, microphone, with ZOOM installed

INTERESTED?  Send Matt an email for more details and to secure your place 

Aim of the course:

By the end of the 5 week online (‘zoom’) course, all participants will become more confident in following and singing through a piece of sheet music for a solo song or choral song. ie: be able to respond quickly and efficiently to the singing teacher or conductor whilst referring to the musical score, and be able to ask/answer questions using appropriate musical terms & musical language.



By the end of the 5 week online (‘zoom’)  Music Theory course, students will be able to:

  1. Name all the pitches on the stave of the treble and bass clef (including sharps & flats) and play these individual notes on a piano, or piano app on your phone 

  2. Identify names & lengths of different note values

  3. Clap basic rhythmic patterns from a score

  4. Sight sing very simple phrases - correctly singing up & down one step, plus jumps of 3rds and octaves

  5. Interpret basic Italian words, dynamics, terms and phrases used on sheet music

  6. Identify time signatures and explain what they mean and use these to identify rhythms in sheet music

  7. Interpret the tempo directions on a piece of music and be able to clap/tap the pulse of different time signatures

  8. Recognise different key signatures (major and minor) and ensure when playing on the piano/piano app, these key signatures are used  

  9. Follow a score of a song, and be able to identify notes in other parts or the accompaniment that will be useful when pitching notes for your entrances


On completion of the above objectives, this course will help you to be able to

  • learn the music faster and get on with enjoying the singing

  • practice and rehearse more independently

  • communicate with other musicians more effectively

  • become the dream student or choir member that every teacher and conductor would love!



5 sessions will be held online using the ‘zoom’ platform led by Matt Finch  (1 session each week). Resources will be shared using google drive and part of the website.  As well as teaching from Matt, participants will work in small breakout groups within zoom to work together on tasks, exercises and games to ensure that sessions will be informative, fun, supportive and collaborative.

Matt recognises that many of the participants may be currently isolated in their own homes, so has built in time for chatting and working together with other participants and hopes that some of the participants will continue to collaborate & socialise with each other outside of the sessions.


The structure of each 2 hour session will be :

10 minutes - welcome/chat/catch up/setting out what is to be learnt

45 minutes - part 1

10 break - chat/stretch legs/quick cuppa/questions

45 minutes - part 2

10 minutes - individual questions and final chat/catch up


To take part in the course you will need:

  1. a computer/laptop/phone that connects to the internet, has a video camera & speaker capability

  2. ‘Zoom’ downloaded on to your device

  3. some paper and a few pencils/pens

  4. A printer - although this is not essential as resources will be provided electronically


Participants will pay for the 5 sessions before the start of the course to secure their place. The total cost will be £50 (£10 a session)


The course will run at the same time and day/evening for the 5 weeks.  The course will start on Tuesday 2nd June.  An invoice fo the full course fee will be sent via email before the first date and will need to be paid before the course starts.